Who Invested In Gojek?

How much is Gojek worth?

A survey revealed Gojek as the most popular ride-hailing app in Indonesia.

The company is valued at about $5 billion as of February 2018, which exceeds the total market cap of all transportation companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)..

Is Gojek a Fintech?

Two of Indonesia’s top fintech startups have agreed in principle to merge to create a stronger challenger to Gojek’s GoPay, according to people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported.

What is GoPay Gojek?

Its exceptional e-wallet service, GoPay, allows Gojek customers to use its on-demand services seamlessly – including making faster purchases, tracking their spending easily and transferring money in no time.

Is Gojek listed?

JAKARTA — Indonesian ride-hailing startup Gojek likely will seek a dual listing when the company makes an initial public offering, co-CEO Andre Soelistyo said on Oct. 24. Gojek is Indonesia’s first decacorn, a private company valued at over $10 billion. …

When did Gojek enter Singapore?

On October 10, 2018, at 8 AM SGT, Bayle Quek was the first person to board a Gojek car in Singapore.

Is Grab making a profit?

Since its inception in 2012, the Singapore-based company has not churned out a single dollar of profit. Though it does claim to be profitable in some ‘verticals’, such as food delivery, Grab has yet to publicly explain how much, when and where it earns profit in precise terms.

Who is the owner of Gojek?

Nadiem Anwar MakarimNadiem Anwar Makarim (born 4 July 1984) is the current minister of education and culture of the Republic of Indonesia. In 2010, he founded Gojek, Indonesia’s first startup valued over US$10 billion.

Is Gojek a Decacorn?

Ride-hailing app Go-Jek is Indonesia’s first decacorn after its valuation hit US$10 billion, according to research institution CB Insights, in its Global Unicorn Club report. … With the capital, Go-Jek expanded to a number of countries in Southeast Asia and optimized its digital payment feature, Go-Pay.

Is Gojek profitable?

From a company’s financial standpoint, Gojek said the continued growth of its gross transaction value, coupled with the positive margins clocked by its services represents a “significant milestone as it indicates a strong path to profitability”.

When was Gojek founded?

October 13, 2009Gojek/Founded

What is Gojek app?

Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand, multi-service tech platform providing access to a wide range of services including transport, payments, food delivery, logistics, and many more.