What Does Holden’S Encounter With Mr Spencer?

How does Holden feel about Mr Spencer?

In Chapter 2, Holden notes that his history teacher, Mr.

Spencer, nods a lot when he’s listening to other people talk.

Although Holden’s language shows that he has respect for Mr.

Spencer (“he was a nice old guy”), it also reveals his characteristically critical nature (he “didn’t know his ass from his elbow”)..

Why does Ackley annoy Holden?

Ackley does not seem to have many friends. He prevents Holden from reading by puttering around the room and pestering him with annoying questions. Ackley further aggravates Holden by cutting his fingernails on the floor, despite Holden’s repeated requests that he stop.

Is Holden a pacifist or just yellow?

Holden says that he is a “pacifist”. What is that, and is he? Pacifist: a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable.

Why is Holden not at the football game?

Holden is not attending the football game for two reasons, both of which reveal a good deal about his character. First, Holden is careless and sometimes irresponsible. As manager of the fencing team, he left the equipment on the subway en route to a meet that morning with McBurney School in New York City.

What is the only class Holden is not failing?

How many subjects did Holden fail at Pencey? What is the only class he passed? He failed four out of five subjects. The only class he passed was English.

What lesson did Mr Spencer teach Holden?

Mr Spencer is clearly pushing on Holden the idea that conformity is inevitable, and the school ‘game’ that he had earler asked Holden about spectating is a link that Holden might make to this metaphor about life.

Why does Holden flunk out of school?

Holden was the manager of the fencing team at Pencey. He says he was being kicked out because he was flunking four classes and not applying himself. Holden later explains that he also left Whooton School and Elkton Hills. He says he left because he was surrounded by phonies and that he hated the school.

Why does Holden visit Spencer?

Spencer is Holden’s history teacher; Holden visits him because he is saying goodbye.

Why does Mr Spencer feel bad for Holden?

Mr. Spencer is frustrated with Holden because he knows Holden is smart and is just not applying himself. Ol’ Spence lectures Holden about life and how he has to “play by the rules” in order to get ahead.

What dirty trick did Mr Spencer pull on Holden?

Spencer pulls the ultimate dirty trick on Holden. He pulls out Holden’s latest essay on the Egyptians and reads its aloud, right down to Holden’s self-degrading note: “I know this is junk, so it’s OK if you flunk me, don’t worry about it” (Ch. 2).

Why did Holden leave Elkton Hills?

Holden leaves Elkton Hills mainly because of the phonies he sees on the prep school campus. He describes them as “coming through the windows” because there are so many. It really is an excuse to “quit” because he was about to be kicked out of Elkton Hills because of his grades.

Does Holden lose his virginity?

Holden Caulfield does not lose his virginity during the course of The Catcher in the Rye, though he makes some half-hearted attempts to do so.

What made Holden not so depressed?

He got her the “Little Shirley Beans” record. What made Holden “not so depressed anymore” on his way to the record store? The little boy singing as he was walking with his parents.

Why is Holden still a virgin?

In contrast, Holden later claims that he’s still a virgin because he always stops at “No,” so what sets him apart from Stradlater and Co. is his refusal to commit what today we’d classify as sexual assault.

Why was Holden crying when he left?

Why do you think Holden was crying as he left Pencey Prep? He probably felt bad for getting kicked out of his schools over and over again, and he didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone. … Holden also says that he is leaving Pencey because of a brain tumor surgery.

What does Mr Spencer want to speak with Holden about?

Why has Mr. Spencer invited him over? Chapter 2 answer here: he wants to talk to Holden about silly answers that Holden placed on the History test.

How does Holden lose innocence?

Holden creates a strong image when he loses stuff and doesn’t care to much looking for it. He feels this way because he lost his innocence when his younger brother dies and this reinforces the image that one tends to detach from society when they loose their innocence.

Who does Holden talk to when he is depressed?

When Holden gets very depressed, he sometimes talks “sort of out loud” to his younger brother. He does so after Sunny leaves. His communication with Allie is almost religious, a confession of Holden’s boyhood lack of consideration for the kid.

Why is Jane so special to Holden?

Jane Gallagher A girl with whom Holden spent a lot of time one summer, when their families stayed in neighboring summer houses in Maine. Jane never actually appears in The Catcher in the Rye, but she is extremely important to Holden, because she is one of the few girls whom he both respects and finds attractive.

How many schools did Holden flunk out of?

four schoolsthey said Holden got kicked out of four schools | The Catcher in the Rye Questions | Q & A | GradeSaver.