Quick Answer: Where Is MWave Com Au Located?

Does mwave ship to Australia?

Step 2: Order Delivery Time Currently, our logistics partners are Startrack and Australia Post for all our deliveries..

Is Mwave Australia legit?

Good order experience, fast delivery Very happy with Mwave’s availability of parts and fast delivery. It seemed as though few other on-line tech stores in Australia had what I was looking for – not only did they have them, but the price and the delivery was also excellent – well done!

How much is mwave shipping?

When you pay for shipping, you’re usually paying either $8 for everything or just $3 for tracking.

How much does it cost to send a 1kg parcel in Australia?

Flat rate postage using your packagingWeight tierParcel Post postageUp to 500gParcel Post postage $8.95500g to 1kgParcel Post postage $12.201kg to 3kgParcel Post postage $15.353kg to 5kgParcel Post postage $18.50

Does eParcel require signature?

eParcel Online will automatically default to Signature On Delivery (Authority To Leave) on 2 April 2017. This means that if your customer is not home when we try to deliver their parcel, we will leave it in a safe place if there is one available.

How long does mwave take to process?

60 minutesWe will process your pick up and have it ready in 60 minutes. Only available to items that are displayed as “24hour processing”. Order must be placed before 4.30pm.

Is mwave legit Reddit?

Definitely reputable… Been ordering from them for years. … They just aren’t great regarding customer service or the delivery part of the business Good range, good prices, just be prepared for a slow delivery… Quite often I’ve bought something and it’ll be processing for days..

What is eParcel Australia Post?

Australia post eParcel service is an online shipping service by Australian Postal Services for businesses that require to ship bulk consignments repeatedly. It assists your business by managing one of the most important aspects of your business efficiently.

Does mwave ship to New Zealand?

International shipping is only available to New Zealand. Shipping costs and NZ GST will be calculated at checkout. Once you receive your shipping confirmation email you can track your order by clicking the link in the email, or go directly to your account.

What is the difference between courier and parcel?

So, what is the difference between parcel and courier services? Individual, light goods are ideally meant to be delivered as a parcel while courier services are better for bulky and heavy items. Couriers tend to be delivered swiftly and are better suited for the next day or same-day delivery.