Quick Answer: Where Is Lascana Made?

Where is Venus com located?

JacksonvilleVenus FashionTypeSubsidiaryFounded1984Headquarters11711 Marco Beach Drive Jacksonville, Florida United StatesProductsClothing Swimwear AccessoriesNumber of employees250+3 more rows.

Are Venus clothes made in China?

Brewster’s company, Venus, has had its site design knocked off by a number of the new Chinese counterfeiters. Venus, which employs about 700 people, has been asked by its directors why it chooses to remain in Florida, paying the duties and taxes that the peddlers of its cheap knockoffs do not.

What is Venus wallet?

Our VENUS Wallet program is for you! Instead of opting for a refund to your original form of payment, select VENUS Wallet to receive a return credit that never expires, and you can spend it just like cash! Look for an email with your wallet credit after your return is processed.

Are Venus clothes cheaply made?

Cheaply made clothing. The customer services are terrible. Won’t ever order again. … Halloween Costume Quality Clothing Don’t bother.

Is Cupshe Made in USA?

It’s safe to say that Cupshe is a China-based company that appears to have a US-based warehouse in New Jersey.

Is Lascana a reputable company?

Excellent! The quality of LASCANA’s swimsuits is great. The delivery was faster than advertised (within 48 hours instead of 5/7 working days). All in all, an absolutely flawless experience.

Is Lascana and Venus the same company?

Brewster said Scott is the head of operations for two of its recent sister companies: the Creation L clothing for women, whose customers average the age of 60, and Lascana swimsuits and clothing, whose average customer age is 35. Venus customers range in age from 20-80, with most 35-50.

Do Venus clothes run small?

I’ve bought clothing from Venus a few times, the quality is okay & holds up satisfactorly but the sizing is a chore. I found a few times the Mediums tend to fit more like smalls and larges tend to fit more like extra large.

Who are the models for Venus Swimwear?

ModelsAmber Arbucci. Photos. 148. Videos. Amber Arbucci.Bree Conden. Photos. Bree Conden.Jessica Hart. Photos. Editorials. Catalogues. Jessica Hart.Lilla Hartai. Photos. Lilla Hartai.Manoela Klein. Photos. 111. Manoela Klein.Joanna Krupa. Photos. Joanna Krupa.Carla Ossa. Photos. Carla Ossa.Jessiqa Pace. Photos. Jessiqa Pace.More items…

Are Venus swimsuits good?

I love their swim suits, kind of pricey but worth it . I have ordered from Venus numerous times clothing and swim suits ! I love their prices for the quality of their products . A few dresses I ordered came great quality .

Is Venus ethical?

Yes, Venus does support ethical practices. … Update: we’ve found 1,818 more apparel stores like Venus that currently support ethical practices and 1,818 apparel stores that are supporting ethical practices .

Is ChicMe a real website?

ChicMe has a consumer rating of 4.58 stars from 42,020 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Is Venus a legitimate site?

An online clothing company you can trust. I have been shopping with Venus for 3 years now and am a happy customer.

Is Lascana an American company?

LASCANA – It’s a woman’s world® is a global women’s fashion, swim and lingerie brand founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2006.