Quick Answer: Where Is Booking Reference Number On Train Ticket?

How can I get my train number?

To know about different train numbers, you can select Train Number by Name option.

Now, enter the name of the train and click the “Get Train Number” button to know the number of that train.

Similarly, you can know the Train Name by selecting Train Name by Number option and inserting train number..

Where is reference number on train ticket?

You’ll find your booking reference at the bottom of your confirmation email, next to the ticket price.

Where is my booking reference Trainline?

Is eight digits long and is made up of numbers and letters (e.g. XZ47B89P). Is shown on the confirmation page when you’ve made a booking. Is in the confirmation email that we send you once you’ve made a booking. Can be found in “My bookings” on our website or in “My tickets” on our app.

Where is PNR number in flight ticket number?

PNR code can be found as “booking” detail below the midsection of your digital travel document or right bottom of your mobile boarding pass.

How do I find my flight booking reference?

You can follow the below steps to check your flight status after you make a booking:Logon to www.goindigo.in.Click on Flight Status tab.Enter the departing and arriving destination.Enter your date of travel and Flight No.Enter your PNR or Booking Reference number.

How can I check train details?

Trains time Enquiry through SMS If you want to know of the arrival time or departure time of the train, do send an SMS to 139 in the format “AD ”. Within few minutes, the exact time related enquiry of the train will get back to the same number through which the message is been sent.

How do I track my train live location?

Now train status can be checked on the go via RailYatri mobile app or website to know the current location of the train and its delay status. Check train status through any modern day Internet-powered devices.

How do I view my tickets on the Trainline app?

Almost immediately, after you have purchased your mobile ticket will appear on the My Tickets page in the Trainline app. You can then Download ticket to view the actual ticket on your device which includes an image of the barcode that will be scanned at the station.

How do I get my e ticket from Trainline?

eticketsOpen the email we send you with the PDF(s) attached – this is separate to your booking confirmation email.If you like, you can add the eticket(s) to our app or Apple Wallet.Scan the QR code from your phone at the ticket gate at the station, or show to staff.

Is confirmation number same as PNR?

PNR, Recod locator, and Confirmation number, are all the same thing. The PNR is the passenger record. It contains all the information in the reservation. A PNR must have a name, date and flight numbers, ticketing deadline, phone contact number, and who made the reservation.

How can I get PNR booking reference?

If you received an eticket via email, your booking reference is the six character alphanumeric code that appears after the ‘BOOKING REFERENCE’ field. It will begin with B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K or L.

What is booking reference PNR?

What is a booking reference or PNR? A booking reference, also referred to as a PNR or Record Locator, is the airline’s internal identifier for your flight booking within their computer system. It is generated by the airline’s computer system, not by the travel agent or GDS.

How can I find my train route?

Indian Rail Train EnquiryIndian Railways – you can find route details, fare and seats availablility of reserved trains.NTES – National Train Enquiry System. … IRCTC – you can check trains between stations. … eRail.in – has the most comprehensive database of every train which runs under Indian Railways.

How do I find my flight ticket number?

The ticket number can be found on your:Confirmation email and receipt – look toward the end of the email under the ‘Receipt’ section.Receipt from Airport / City Ticket Office – look at the bottom in the middle of the ticket.Credit card statement.

What is flight confirmation number?

You may hear it referred to as an “airline record locator,” a “reservation number,” a “booking code,” or a “flight confirmation code.” Whatever name is used, the code is an alphanumeric sequence typically six characters long that identifies a specific reservation. …

Where are my Trainline Tickets?

Both mobile and etickets can be accessed by logging into our trainline app, simply tap on the the big mint coloured button that says ‘Download your mobile ticket’ in ‘My Tickets’. If you don’t have an account you can create one by clicking the ‘Register to manage my booking’ button in your confirmation email.

How do I find my booking reference number?

A booking reference number, also referred to as a PNR, is a six-digit alphanumeric code that appears after the “Booking reference” or “PNR” field on your ticket (for example: B8XYZ6).

Is booking reference the same as flight number?

They are two different things. A booking reference is a record of your booking, usually with the airline or agent who issues the ticket. The flight number is the specific reference of the flight you are travelling on, but NOT the day; the same flight number is used on a route each day that this flight takes place.