Quick Answer: What Kind Of Paper Is Used For Photocards?

Who started Photocards?

First Photocards in K-pop SNSD, and TVXQ However, did you know that photocards were not really a thing for the past years.

Not until SM Entertainment created their first K-pop group photocard set for TVXQ, which was released in 2007, though it was released in Japan..

How much are KPOP Photocards worth?

Depends on the rarity and demand for a certain member, I’ve seen cards that go USD $50 or above. But the usual ones from albums typically cost USD$10–25.

Can you sell Kpop Photocards?

No it’s not. It’s just a bunch of laminated photo cards.

How many BTS photocards are there?

Comes with 1 out of 8 photocards (Same as the Korean ver.) Comes with 1 out of 7 photocards (per version – Same as the Korean ver.)

What paper is used for LOMO cards?

Fujifilm Photo Paper GlossyWhat type of paper material used for LOMO card? We use Genuine Fujifilm Photo Paper Glossy. 3.

What size are Photocards?

all photocards size 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm, back to back pictures.

How do I make a photo card?

How to Make Your Own Photo CardsStep 1: Decide your photo card type and style. … Step 2: Select your photos. … Step 3: Upload them to Collage.com. … Step 4: Arrange them in you favorite order, or use our automatic placement. … Step 5 (Optional): Make your own photo card with templates, or customize the card yourself.More items…•

What is the difference between Lomo cards and photocards?

Official photo cards are the ones made by the artist’s company that are included with official merchandise like albums or DVD sets. … Lomo cards are unofficial and made by a third party.

What do Kpop Photocards do?

Most people collect them in a binder, with pockets similar to pokemon card pockets. People who don’t collect them put them in their phone cases, or put them on walls, corkboards, binder covers, etc. You really get to choose what you want to do with it but they’re mainly pointless.

How big are BTS photocards in inches?

BTS Bangtan Boys – Mini Photo cards Set with free Postcards (59pcs)BrandBangtan BoysItem Dimensions LxWxH5.91 x 2.72 x 0.59 inchesNumber of Pieces58

What kind of paper is used for KPop Photocards?

As for paper types, best results are obtained using premium papers. Lower grades of paper can give acceptable results. There are also two basic paper types: glossy and matte or semi-gloss.

What is the size of a KPop photocard?

55 x 85 mmKPop Albums Photo Cards At least one photo card is added to every album we have a pleasure to get. These will be most likely in a standard size of 55 x 85 mm and are added randomly. The hardcore fans like to collect the KPop photo cards released for a single album and own the whole set.