Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Pitfalls?

What does pitfalls mean in business?

Word forms: pitfalls countable noun.

The pitfalls involved in a particular activity or situation are the things that may go wrong or may cause problems.

The pitfalls of working abroad are numerous.

Synonyms: danger, difficulty, peril, catch [informal] More Synonyms of pitfall.

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What is another word for pitfall?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pitfall, like: trap, hazard, snare, meshes, deadfall, artifice, danger, drawback, inveiglement, maelstrom and peril.

What is the meaning of pitfalls of dieting?

Diets that severely restrict caloric intake may offer results, but they trigger a “starvation response” in which the body slows down its metabolic rate to conserve energy. … In addition, rapid weight loss results in the loss of large amounts of glycogen, water, minerals, and muscle and organ protein.

What is a pitfall seed?

Pitfall Seeds are items you can bury in holes which cause you or your villagers to fall into a concealed hole and get temporarily stuck in it. Don’t worry – tapping ‘A’ repeatedly enables you to wriggle out of your predicament, but it can still be quite a surprise.

What is a pitfall of using a contrivance in your story?

What is a pitfall of using a contrivance in your story? It feels unnatural and inappropriate.

What are common pitfalls?

5 Common Pitfalls That Ruin Businesses — and How to Avoid ThemInsufficient capital. In order to function, businesses need money, and a good share of it. … Poor growth speed. Another key reason for business failure is an inappropriate growth rate. … Competition woes. … Internal strife. … Dependence.

What pitfalls of small business should you avoid?

Here are some of the most common small business pitfalls entrepreneurs encounter as well practical ways to avoid them.Not Having a Business Plan. … Unrealistic Capital Requirements. … Ignoring Marketing. … Lazy Financial Record-keeping. … Growing Too Quickly.

What are some pitfalls you should avoid when making decisions?

Decision-Making Pitfalls Managers Should AvoidDefaulting to Consensus. … Not Offering Alternatives. … Mistaking Opinions for Facts. … Losing Sight of Purpose. … Truncating Debate.

How do you stop pitfalls?

How to Avoid the Most Common Small Business PitfallsDevelop a strategic plan. Many businesses begin with the spark of an idea and a passion to make it happen. … Manage your time. … Control your growth. … Take risks. … Create a positive work environment.

What is the opposite of pitfalls?

▲ Opposite of a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty. advantage. blessing. safety.

What is meant by pitfall?

1 : trap, snare specifically : a pit flimsily covered or camouflaged and used to capture and hold animals or men. 2 : a hidden or not easily recognized danger or difficulty.

What is pitfalls in DBMS?

A bad design may have several properties, including: Repetition of information. Inability to represent certain information. Loss of information.

What are the pitfalls of dieting?

5 Pitfalls of Restrictive Diets1) You’ll be fatigued. The IFIC survey also revealed consumers are avoiding carbohydrates more than in the past. … 2) You’ll miss other key nutrients. … 3)You’ll negatively affect your metabolism. … 4) Your social life will suffer. … 5) You’ll have a hard time focusing.

What are pitfalls concerning cloud application development?

1. Data Security and Privacy. These are some of the most troubling concerns when it comes to cloud computing because its architecture doesn’t provide automatic security compliance for the end-user. It means that application designers have to make sure apps written for the cloud are secure initially.

What does it mean avoiding the pitfalls?

1. a problem that is likely to happen in a particular situation. She was well aware of the potential pitfalls of running a business. avoid a pitfall: Her advice helped me avoid some of the common pitfalls.