Quick Answer: What Is The Best Job For An INTP?

How can an INTP get rich?

INTPs are usually driven to understand, perfect, invent, innovate, and improve, however, so they could easily become wealthy by coming up with something that solves a major problem or that makes life better..

Do INTPs like video games?

INTPs love the intellectual challenges offered by games, and so spend much time playing them. Many are thrilled by the idea of doing so for a living.

Who is a famous INTP?

Famous INTPs Famous INTPs include Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Rene Descartes, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Socrates, and Abraham Lincoln.

What are logicians good at?

Logicians duly struggle in finding careers that meet their needs, but what they do bring, qualities in much higher demand, are creativity, a passion for theoretical methods and ideas, and an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit.

What do INTPs find attractive?

INTPs want plenty of space in a relationship to explore their own thoughts, ideas, and interests.

Can an INTP be a doctor?

An individual INTP could certainly be a good physician, and that would probably be a better career for an INTP than being a nurse or a surgeon (scalpel jockey). But it’s not like being an INTP would magically give you super doctor powers, of course.

Are all INTPs good at math?

As such, I would say academic maths is one expression/exploration/derivative of something INTPs quite naturally do. Maths is the INTP logic, represented in symbols, but in the end, still probing the same life questions; just in a different language. So I’d say theoretically, yes, all INTPs are good at Math…

Do INTPs like music?

INTPs are usually fascinated by music and may have deep and wide-ranging tastes. Si itself brings a fascination for mood and atmosphere in music as well as for a strong sense of personal nostalgia. INTPs are therefore often keen on melancolic minor-key music in which an introspective and/or esoteric mood is conveyed.

What motivates INTP?

INTPs are motivated by solving complex, complicated problems using their skills in analysis and intuition. They enjoy considering hypothetical scenarios and thinking through potential outcomes in order to come up with the best solution. They thrive when they have a chance to get to the root of an issue.

Do INTP fall in love easily?

When the INTP does fall into love, they find themselves completely caught up in this. … While the INTP does not express this openly, they can become truly passionate about someone they are in love with. They might even feel like these feelings are taking over, but most people around them will be none the wiser to this.

Are INTPs good at chess?

Most accomplished chess players would fall into the INTP or INTJ personality type. INTP is the ‘Logician personality’ type. It is a rare personality types making up for 3 percent of the population. INTPs see more moves ahead on a chess board and are best at end-games.

Do INTPs like school?

INTPs usually really enjoy academics. This type loves to learn, to explore new facts and add them to the ever growing memory bank of knowledge in their heads.

What should an INTP major in?

Majors and Careers for INTPsAnthropology.Architecture.Art.Biochemistry.Biology.Business Administration.Business Information Technology.Chemistry.More items…

Who should INTP marry?

ENTJAlthough two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, the INTP’s natural partner is the ENTJ, or the ESTJ. The INTP’s dominant function of Introverted Thinking is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Thinking.

What do INTP hate?

Things the INTP HatesWhen people believe illogical things. … Being forced to deal with lots of details. … Being pressured to talk about their feelings before they’re ready. … Having to make a decision before exploring all the possibilities. … Not getting enough alone time.More items…•