Quick Answer: What Is Being Maka Diyos?

Why do you think it is important to be Makakalikasan?

Makakalikasan (Nature Lover) – this trait shows the love and care of someone for the environment.

Those who are makakalikasan preserves and takes good care of the surroundings and they often help in maintaining the cleanliness of the nature and they also take care of our Mother Earth..

What is being Makatao?

Being a MakaTao would simply means by respecting each other’s rights and opinions regardless of the existing differences in between. … Being a MakaBansa- In ordinary days, nationalism can also be seen and observed through simply abiding and respecting the laws that exist.

What does Maka Tao mean?

Makatao is a Filipino core value. Makatao as a core value means being sensitive to individual, social, and cultural differences. Moreover, a person who possesses the core value makatao demonstrates contribution towards solidarity.

What are the 4 good citizenship values?

By living according to good citizenship values which we can derive from the preamble of the Constitution – Faith in God, Unity, Patriotism, Work, Respect for Life, Respect for Law and Government, Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love, Equality, Peace, Promotion of the Common Good, Concern for the Family and Future Generations, …

What are the DepEd core values?

DepEd Core Values 8491 states that our national Motto shall be “MAKA-DIYOS, MAKA-TAO, MAKAKALIKASAN AT MAKABANSA.” In adopting these as our 4 core values, what does it mean to be “Maka-Diyos”, “Maka-tao”, “Makakalikasan”, and “Makabansa” in the context of the Department of Education?

What is the Philippines motto?


What are the four Filipino core values?

Core ConceptsHospitality.Hiya.Modesty.Courtesy.Warmth.Respect.Kapwa.Fatalism.