Quick Answer: What Does Desperately Mean?

What is the English meaning of desperately?

desperately adverb (SERIOUSLY) extremely or very much: He was desperately ill.

They desperately wanted a child..

What does accountable mean?

subject to giving an account1 : subject to giving an account : answerable held her accountable for the damage. 2 : capable of being explained : explainable …

Who is an accountable person?

Accountability. refers to an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. … When individuals are accountable, they understand and accept the consequences of their actions for the areas in which they assume responsibility.

Is Desperate a feeling?

The feeling when you have lost almost all hope or ability to reach a goal. You will do anything to still achieve it. You feel desperation when you want to reach a goal, or prevent something really bad from happening, but it seems nearly impossible that you will succeed.

How do you describe a desperate person?

adjective. reckless or dangerous because of despair, hopelessness, or urgency: a desperate killer. having an urgent need, desire, etc.: desperate for attention;desperate to find a job. leaving little or no hope; very serious or dangerous: a desperate illness.

What does wrenching mean?

1 : to move with a violent twist also : to undergo twisting. 2 : to pull or strain at something with violent twisting. transitive verb. 1 : to twist violently. 2 : to injure or disable by a violent twisting or straining wrenched her back.

Why is being accountable important?

Accountability eliminates the time and effort you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behavior. When you make people accountable for their actions, you’re effectively teaching them to value their work. When done right, accountability can increase your team members’ skills and confidence.

What does intensifying mean?

: to become intense or more intensive : grow stronger or more acute. transitive verb. 1 : to make intense or more intensive : strengthen. 2a : to make more acute : sharpen. b : to increase the density and contrast of (a photographic image) by chemical treatment.

What does it mean to be desperately in love?

Desperate for love means.. Having a strong desire to be with the person and share all the love you have with each other. You just want your beloved to be happy and you too feel sad seeing the sad face of that person. … You would be always available for the person and you love him/her unconditionally.

What does desperately mean in a sentence?

1 : in a way that involves despair, extreme measures, or rashness : in a desperate manner struggling desperately desperately crying out. 2 : extremely, terribly desperately tired desperately important.

What is a synonym for desperately?


What is a desperate man?

Desperation means he’s not comfortable with himself. He will make big emotional demands on you. It’s best that you step away from that kind of boyfriend. Here’s how to figure out if a man’s desperate and way too needy for you.

How do you help someone who is desperate?

Do acknowledge that the person is dealing with an overwhelming situation. Give them a verbal pat on the back for handling hard and often unfair situations without giving up. … Don’t simply ignore or minimize what someone is going through. … Do sympathize and/or empathize. … Don’t pity or patronize.

What does desperate mean in a relationship?

Being desperate for love often means making it a priority, even over self care and time with friends. This can be dangerous because it often means you are filling a void with dating and relationships.

What it means to be desperate?

1 : very sad and worried and with little or no hope People became desperate for food. 2 : showing great worry and loss of hope a desperate call for help. 3 : giving little reason to hope : causing despair a desperate situation. 4 : reckless because of despair : rash He made a desperate attempt to escape.

Is it OK to be desperate?

Desperation isn’t bad. But if it goes to a place where it disrupts your life to a level where you can’t get it out of your head – especially when it involves people other than just you – then it’s bad. When it’s just you – desperation is the key to grow in anything.

What happens when you are not accountable?

When people don’t take accountability and things, start to go awry, as they don’t feel ownership they go into spectator mode and watch as things fail. … Whereas when people take ownership if things start to go wrong, then they step into solution mode. They start to try and figure out whats going wrong and try and fix it.

Is being desperate a bad thing?

Most desperation isn’t like that, though. Sure, it can drive good people to do bad things — ex, stealing food because you just don’t have the money to buy it — but being desperate doesn’t automatically make someone bad. We just really love it when people are cool and effortless.