Quick Answer: Does Harry Ever Get To Live With Sirius?

How did Sirius afford a Firebolt?

Sirius Black bought and sent Harry a Firebolt at the end of the third book.

If he used a different name and a new owl, then maybe Sirius could have ordered a Firebolt and sent it to Harry..

Was Sirius Black a Slytherin?

Sirius Black is the last heir of the House of Black, a once notable Pure-blood Wizarding family. … At Hogwarts, rather than be sorted into Slytherin like the rest of his family, Sirius was placed in Gryffindor.

Why did Lupin kill Harry?

He wanted to avenge. They were trying to kill Pettigrew, not Harry. They didn’t! They were talking about Peter Pettigrew, NOT Harry.

Why did Harry not live with Sirius?

But would Harry have actually been allowed to live with Sirius? The reason he has to stay at the Dursleys so long is because he is protected there; by living with his family until he turns 17, his mother’s protection is still in affect.

What did Sirius leave Harry?

We do know that Sirius had purchased a motorbike and a firebolt broomstick, so the inheritance wasn’t completely intact when he bequeathed it to Harry. The only possession of note that Sirius had was Buckbeak. Sirius also left Harry the Black Family house and slave.

Did Sirius actually want to kill Harry?

Sirius never wanted to kill Harry, he wanted to kill Peter Pettigrew, everyone only thought that Sirius wanted to kill harry because they all thought he was the one who betrayed the Potters, and they also thought he killed Pettigrew.

Did Harry live with the Weasleys?

Not only does Voldemort not scream, but he laughs. This could only mean the protection had worn off at some point between the first year and fourth year, and Harry was free to live with the Weasleys. He kept coming back to Privet Drive afterwards for plot reasons only.

How much did Harry inherit from Sirius?

5 Sirius Black $1.6 million (199513 Galleons) By the time he died, however, he was wealthy. So much so that he left his fortune to Harry Potter, bumping Harry up on our Wizarding Rich List list.

Would Dumbledore have let Harry live with Sirius?

Probably not. Dumbledore found out about the protection working in GoF, and Sirius was both cleared and dead in OotP, so it’s moot now.

Was Sirius Black going to kill Harry?

It was Peter Pettigrew that Sirius actually wanted to kill. Sirius Black never had any intention of killing Harry Potter. This was an assumption built into Harry by his lack of knowledge concerning Sirius and the pervading paranoia built up around him by both media and other people around him.

Did Dumbledore know that Sirius was innocent?

Dumbledore did NOT leave him to rot beacause it would be impossible for him to take Sirius out of azkaban, since there was no proof of him being innocent. Dumbledore could not explain how Peter disappeared, yes, but he KNEW Sirius was innocent, otherwise Sirius would not be in the Order.

Did Mr Weasley know Sirius was innocent?

1993 Arthur Weasley warns Harry about Sirius’s Black trying to kill him. (At the time he does not know that Sirius Black is innocent.) … (At the time he does not know that Sirius Black is innocent.) 1995 The Order of the Phoenix is re-established by Albus Dumbledore.

Where was Sirius in Goblet of Fire?

HogsmeadeAfter Harry wrote to Sirius to tell him that his name ended up in the Goblet of Fire, Sirius settled down in a cave near Hogsmeade, where he could pick up newspapers as a stray dog, in his Animagus form.