Question: Does Lascana Run Small?

Who is the owner of Venus clothing?

bonprixVenus Fashion/Parent organizations.

Who is Venus owned by?

VENUS Fashion, Inc….Venus Fashion.TypeSubsidiaryHeadquarters11711 Marco Beach Drive Jacksonville, Florida United StatesProductsClothing Swimwear AccessoriesNumber of employees250+ParentBon Prix3 more rows

Is Lascana and Venus the same company?

Brewster said Scott is the head of operations for two of its recent sister companies: the Creation L clothing for women, whose customers average the age of 60, and Lascana swimsuits and clothing, whose average customer age is 35. Venus customers range in age from 20-80, with most 35-50.

Is Venus a good company?

“I LOVE VENUS!” have clothes for all dress styles at fair prices, especially if you take advantage of the constant deals, I have two orders on the way. Most of the items I have ordered have been great, and the few returns I’ve had have been processed with no problem. I love Venus and I am a loyal, satisfied customer.

How do I return something to Venus?

You can return an item to Venus following these simple steps:When you receive your item from Venus, you will be provided with a Return/Exchange form on the bottom of the invoice.Fill out all sections of the Return/Exchange form, including item numbers and prices where necessary.More items…

Are Venus clothes cheaply made?

“I found out about venus clothing through a friend and I have already recommended venus clothing to many people.” … Cheaply made clothing.

Do Venus clothes run big or small?

As for sizing, I think they run little big. I ordered a large, but should of got a medium. Venus will definitely be added to my favorites list!” “Okay, the Venus dress was SO CUTE,” says Pearl, a 29-year-old LA-based music industry diva.

Do Venus swimsuits fit true to size?

Sizes are pretty true to size, but for those who are not sure of their size fit, it is good to go a size up!

Is Venus ethical?

Yes, Venus does support ethical practices. … Update: we’ve found 1,764 more apparel stores like Venus that currently support ethical practices and 1,764 apparel stores that are supporting ethical practices .

Is Lascana a legit company?

Good experience. I’m glad that I ordered from Lascana before seeing the bad reviews here on trustpilot. I probably would have thought that they’re scam or something… No, they’re actually pretty good, with great selection of swimwear models and sizes.

What is Lascana clothing?

LASCANA is the ultimate destination for beautiful clothing, swimwear, and lingerie specially developed by women for women. At LASCANA we are committed to creating stunning, high quality and affordable collections ranging from sizes 0 to 24 and cups AA to G to suit every woman’s needs.

Are Venus clothes made in China?

Brewster’s company, Venus, has had its site design knocked off by a number of the new Chinese counterfeiters. Venus, which employs about 700 people, has been asked by its directors why it chooses to remain in Florida, paying the duties and taxes that the peddlers of its cheap knockoffs do not.

Where does Venus Swimwear ship from?

The VENUS Fashion, Inc. corporate headquarters and warehouse from is located in Jacksonville, Florida.