Does Tender Mean Hard Or Soft?

What is firm and tender?

As adjectives the difference between tender and firm is that tender is sensitive or painful to the touch while firm is steadfast, secure, hard (in position)..

What does non tender mean in medical terms?

(medicine) Not tender; said of body parts or lesions that do not trigger discomfort upon palpation.

What is the feeling of tenderness?

Tenderness is a feeling of concern, gentle affection, or warmth. Another definition of this adjective is “extreme sensitivity to pain.” You might experience tenderness in your muscles the day after going on a long hike. …

Is tender an emotion?

Definition. Tender emotions refer to emotions that may confer affection, gentleness, or that communicate vulnerability (which may include sadness, fear, love, feeling hurt, and sympathy).

What is another name for tender?

What is another word for tender?delicatefrailbreakabledaintyeffeteinfirmsensitiveunsubstantialasthenicenervated197 more rows

What does Tender mean in love?

Someone or something that is tender expresses gentle and caring feelings.

What is the difference between soft and tender?

As adjectives the difference between soft and tender is that soft is easily giving way under pressure while tender is sensitive or painful to the touch.

What does Tender mean medically?

In medicine, tenderness is pain or discomfort when an affected area is touched. It should not be confused with the pain that a patient perceives without touching. Pain is patient’s perception, while tenderness is a sign that a clinician elicits.

What does tenderness in the abdomen mean?

Abdominal tenderness is generally a sign of inflammation or other acute processes in one or more organs. The organs are located around the tender area. Acute processes mean sudden pressure caused by something. For example, twisted or blocked organs can cause point tenderness.

What does Tender mean?

A tender is an invitation to bid for a project or accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. Tendering usually refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline.

How do you place a tender?

Main steps in the tender processRegister your interest. Follow the instructions in the tender document to register your interest with the purchasing agency. … Attend tender information sessions. … Develop your tender response strategy. … Review recent awarded contracts. … Write a compelling bid. … Understand the payment terms. … Find referees. … Check and submit your bid.More items…•

Does tender mean soft?

If you’re tender, it means you’re fragile, sensitive, easily bruised or gentle. Young, easily cut beef and a sentimental heart can both be called tender. The many meanings attributed to tender developed over time. In the early 13th century, the word meant soft or easily injured.

What is tenderness in a relationship?

In the art of sexuality, tenderness is expressed through the body. However, people who are wise and committed to affection know that tenderness is closeness. It is the desire to take pleasure in the language of affection and please the other person’s heart.

What is the opposite of tender?

hempen, unloving, tough, painless, pugnacious, unsentimental, cartilaginous, leatherlike, stringy, rugged, callous, stable, unchewable, leathery, calloused, hardened, rubbery, tough-skinned, chewy, weather-beaten, inured, hard-bitten, old, enured, fibrous, gristly, hard-boiled, leathered, thickened, toughened, tough- …

What does non tender mean?

When a club “non-tenders” a player, it declines to give that player a contract for the upcoming season, thereby immediately making him a free agent.

How do you know if your stomach is tender?

Percussion tenderness test. A doctor will gently but firmly tap on your abdomen to check for pain, discomfort, or tenderness. The abrupt tapping will likely cause pain if you have peritonitis.

Why Does My breast hurt when I press it?

Breast pain, also known as mastalgia, is common and accounts for 45-70% of breast-related health care visits. The good news is that most causes of breast pain are benign (non-cancerous) and usually related to hormonal changes in your body or something as simple as a poor fitting bra.

What are tender words?

adj easily broken, cut, or crushed; soft; not tough. a tender steak. easily damaged; vulnerable or sensitive. … having or expressing warm and affectionate feelings. … kind, merciful, or sympathetic. … arousing warm feelings; touching. … gentle and delicate. … requiring care in handling; ticklish. … painful or sore.More items…