Can You Eat On The Greyhound Bus?

Is the Greyhound bus safe?

The truth is, most people who travel via Greyhound never have any issues.

But, as with any form of transportation, there is always the possibility that there may be people on your bus or at a station you pass through who may be intent on doing you harm..

Can you drink on a Greyhound bus?

Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or weapons anywhere on the bus (including in your under the bus baggage).

How do you survive a Greyhound bus?

10 Tips for Your First Greyhound Bus TripArrive at Least an Hour Before Departure. … Get in Your Boarding Line as Soon as Possible. … Make Sure Your Checked Bags Stand Out. … Sit Near the Front of the Bus. … Don’t Trust the Bathroom on the Bus. … Keep Your Carry-On Bag With You. … Follow the Bus Driver’s Rules During Breaks. … Don’t Lose Your Ticket or Re-Boarding Pass.More items…•

Is it safe to sleep on a Greyhound bus?

In most cases your fellow passengers would look out for you even before you have a chance to get the driver involved. I think that overnight traveling on the Greyhound bus is pretty safe for women. I’ve been on countless overnight bus trips with women and I’ve never seen any of them have an incident.

Is Greyhound cheaper than Amtrak?

Amtrak is more comfortable, Greyhound is more flexible. Greyhound is cheap and goes everywhere, but is the least pleasant possible experience. … Amtrak is lovely but much much more expensive (e.g. $100+ for a 3 hour ride).

What can you bring on the Greyhound bus?

Bring 1 carry on bag on the bus with you and store up to 3 bags under the bus….What kind of baggage can I bring?OKNot OKSuitcases Backpacks Duffel bags Trunks Toolboxes Securely tied cardboard boxesPlastic bags Paper bags Items protruding from your baggage

Does a backpack count as a carry on Greyhound?

Standard-sized carry-on suitcases fit perfectly in the overhead bins on Greyhound buses. I’ve also found that average-sized backpacks work great as carry-on luggage and they can usually fit in the overhead bins and under the seats as well. … Basically, any bag the size of a large suitcase is fine.

How much can you take on a Greyhound bus?

Checked baggage dimensions Maximum weight for checked baggage is 50 pounds (22.5 kg) per individual piece of baggage. A charge of $15 will be charged for any baggage above the 50 lbs limit. Baggage must not exceed 62 inches (157 cm) when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height).

Do they search your bags on Greyhound?

“Cops routinely board Greyhound buses and ask passengers to search their luggage,” Theshia Naidoo, a legal director with the Drug Policy Alliance, tells ConsumerAffairs. “If a person consents to the search, there is no fourth amendment protections relating to the search.”

Is there assigned seating on Greyhound?

We don’t assign seat numbers, so you can take any available seat on the bus. However, we do reserve the front row seats for customers with disabilities, the elderly and unaccompanied children.

Do Greyhound buses have bathrooms on them?

Yes, there are bathrooms on all Greyhound buses. They are located at the rear of the bus. They are pretty basic and only contain a toilet and hopefully some toilet paper. There is no running water and the toilet doesn’t even flush.

Can you bring a blanket on a Greyhound bus?

You can bring your laptop in a laptop case onboard, plus one other piece of small—yes, small—luggage. Figure on about six inches high by eighteen inches by another eighteen inches. Carry your blanket and your pillow in your arm— wrapped tightly so that they look small. Small does sell in Greyhound buses.