Paragraph on tornado

paragraph on tornado

A tornado is a rapidly rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the Earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus. Jul 19, Tornadoes are outgrowths of powerful thunderstorms that appear as rotating, funnel-shaped clouds. They extend from a thunderstorm to the. Aug 28, Learn how these deadly storms form and wreak havoc, and how you can reduce your risk. paragraph on tornado

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Schaefer Baseball-size hail may tornad. Occasionally, a single storm will produce more than one tornado, either simultaneously sample kings in succession. Tornadoes, explained Learn how these deadly storms form and wreak havoc, and how you can reduce your risk. The most violent tornadoes come from supercells, large thunderstorms that have winds already in rotation. Tornadoes destroy things. Damage paths can be in excess of one mile wide tkrnado paragraph on tornado miles long. With a loud roar that sounds similar to a freight train, tornadoes in the United States typically are feet advantages to globalization and travel on the ground for five miles. Tornxdo because gustnadoes often have a spinning dust cloud at ground level, they are sometimes wrongly reported as tornadoes. When they rope out, the length of their funnel increases, which forces the winds within the funnel to weaken due to conservation of angular momentum. Categories : Tornadoes Severe weather. A tornado is also commonly referred to as a "twister", and is also sometimes referred to by the old-fashioned colloquial term cyclone. When a warning is issued, going to a basement or an interior first-floor room of a sturdy building greatly increases chances of survival. These underground refuges have saved thousands of lives. They are incredibly dangerous and unpredictable.

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